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Bookaroo “Bigger Things” Notebooks

Bookaroo “Bigger Things” Notebooks

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The key features

  • Bigger and bendier notebook - flexible in every way
  • Lots of useful notebook features inside and outside
  • With big pocket in the back and pen loop on the spine
  • Brilliant complementary colour combinations
  • Mix and match with our other Bookaroo notebooks and lifestyle accessories

The blurb

Sometimes you just need a bit more space. Sometimes you feel like WRITING IN CAPITALS or scribbling in your worst handwriting. Our Bigger Things Notebook is a very pleasing size to hold, carry and use, with lined pages for you to stick to (or completely ignore) and a super soft and bendy faux leather cover. It has all the usual useful Bookaroo notebook features but for this model we have added a proper sized pocket in the back for those random bits of paper you need to keep safe and a pen loop in a very convenient place. So many possibilities! Start a new business. Invent something. Write a book. Do a PhD. Think BIG! Bigger Things Notebook: 19 x 1.5 x 25cm

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