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Bookaroo Pocket Notebooks

Bookaroo Pocket Notebooks

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The key features
A little product with big impact for display.

With unique stitched front ‘pocket'.

A great colour story with A5 and rest of our Bookaroo range

Hard back ­soft touch PU

All the practical features of the A5...just smaller!

The blurb

There are pocket notebooks and then there's a Bookaroo 'pocket' notebook! We know that big ideas often come from small things so this little notebook has all the paper quality and really useful features of the A5 version, like contents pages, numerable pages and tear-outable perforated sheets at the back for lists and note leaving, BUT at a fraction of the size. Oh and this time we have added a beautifully stitched front pocket for those annoying little loose bits of paper that are so easy to lose and yet such a nightmare if you do! Pop in a train ticket, cash, card, receipt or business card! A really nice thing to drop in your pocket or handbag for moments of inspiration, hobbies, shopping, work or college stuff. Mix and match with Bookaroo A5 notebooks. A6 Pocket Notebook: 9.5 x 1.5 x 15.5cm Display: 12 x 24 x 23cm

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