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Bioloco Plant Deluxe Bowl Sets

Bioloco Plant Deluxe Bowl Sets

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Looking for the ultimate bio bowl to go for your salad or other food? The bowl deluxe plant from BioLoco has it. The bowl or bowl consists of a lower part of 650 ML with a plateau on top of 2 x 200 ML including a small cup for your dressing of 35 ML. There is removable cutlery on the inside of the lockable lid. The BioLoco bowl is the ideal complete set for all your 'to go' food brought from home.

  • made from plant material
  • odorless and tasteless
  • recyclable and industrially compostable
  • Melamine and BPA free
  • cutlery set consisting of fork and spoon
  • Dishwasher safe and microwave safe (open lid only)
  • Available in the colors Terracotta, Powder blue & Dark Grey
  • Contents: 650 ML + 2 x 200 ML + 35 ML

The bioloco Plant products are made from the plant material PLA. PLA is obtained from vegetable sugars such as corn starch, cassava or sugar cane. The range is Melamine and BPA free.

The entire product range is produced in a climate-friendly way, which means that greenhouse gas emissions have been determined and double offset by participating in climate protection projects.

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