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Elephant Bite Puzzles

Elephant Bite Puzzles

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Elizabeth Ranger (b. 1984), uses watercolour, gouache and pencil to create intricate, surreal paintings that explore ideas of fluidity, mortality and the spirit.  Coming from a place of femininity but also post-gender queerness, and inspired by the symbolists and turn of the century illustrators, she uses abstractions, fantastical elements, organic textures, and vibrant colours to bring her works to life.  Born in Ottawa and trained in Montreal, she currently lives in Halifax with her two young kids and two old cats.

“Returning" is a painting about our connection to the natural world. About our stardust body, about loss of ego and reintegration.  A piece meant to inspire and comfort, to remind that death is fruitful as life, that we borrow everything we are and experience, and that one day we will be returned (to the cosmic library, perhaps).

Jupiter and the camel 

Pierre L. Vassura is a self-made and accomplished visual artist and has been active in the graphic and ceramic fields for as long as he can remember.

Pierre as born in Europe just before World War II and he travelled throughout Italy, France, Switzerland, Israel and North America. He has worked at various creative posts in different fields before devoting himself full time to his own mode of expression. He eventually set down his roots in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and has been residing there ever since.

A member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Pierre has displayed his works in various international and local exhibitions and has been the recipient of several awards.

His work follows his imagination and vibration coming from his thoughts and putting together shapes and forms in new combinations, building new space following the laws of visibility and creating visual art in his Analogical Formalism style.

There is nothing to fear 

Rachael Speirs is an award-winning artist from Toronto. As a self-taught artist, Rachael looked to her childhood picture books and her grandmothers embroidery work for inspiration and to practice her skill. Rachael’s education and working career in social work is reflected in the humanitarian elements of her art. Her pieces are a humanistic visual metaphor steeped in narrative.

‘There is nothing to fear’ is a metaphor that connects the viewer to their childhood imagination. Like opening a picture book and not knowing the words. Its about how our perceptions and experiences of the world can shift between day and night.










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